We are a dynamic marketing agency that specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions to help businesses increase their brand awareness, customer engagement, and revenue growth. With a team of experts in digital marketing, branding, and strategy development, we offer customized services to help our clients achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Shubhneet Jain 

As a founder specializing in strategy and business development, I am an entrepreneurial leader who has established and manages a company that provides strategic marketing services to our clients. My responsibilities include identifying and pursuing business development opportunities, building relationships with clients, and developing effective marketing strategies that help our clients achieve their goals. Through my experience and expertise, I am dedicated to delivering the best possible results for our clients and building a successful business for our team.






Rakesh Kumar

As a co-founder specializing in operations, execution, and the technical side, I am a hands-on leader who oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. My responsibilities include managing the technical aspects of marketing campaigns, ensuring efficient execution, and delivering exceptional results for our clients. I am dedicated to optimizing our agency's operations and driving success for our clients through innovative and effective marketing strategies.






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